Universal Garden Garage

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Modern outdoor solution for storage with lights, windows, and outlets

Our Universal Garden Garage is part of the easy assembly/disassembly product types. In other words, it’s designed with the “DIY” system in mind. Most of the connecting materials and parts are prepared in advance, which makes the assembly quick and easy.

Inside, you’ll find electrical installation for lights, and outlets. Windows are part of this garage as well, letting natural light in. We’ve also selected only the fine first-class paint and material for this garage, as we recognize how important the look and feel of the garage is in any back yard.

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Rainwater drainage system

The same rainwater drainage system that’s used for residential buildings!

garden garage with drainage system

You’ll have zero issues in rainy weather. Your equipment and tools will be dry and safe all winter, which is not the case with all other storage garages on the market.

Electrical installation for all your needs

Your Garden Garage now comes with electrical wiring and electrical outlets!

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We have solved the problem of storage houses that are almost unusable during the night, which especially becomes a problem in the winter where the days are shorter.


  • Last side with gutters
  • Front side with doors
  • Side (2 pcs.)
  • Lattice bracket (2 pcs.)
  • Roof panel (4 pcs.)
  • Wind molding (side 2 pcs., Front 1 pc.)
  • Roof shutter side (2 pcs.)
  • Corner strip (lower 4 pcs., Upper 4 pcs.)
  • Decorative molding (4 pcs.)


  • Screw M12x120 with washers and nut
  • 4.8 × 19 self-drilling screw with washer
  • Impact dowel 6 × 40
  • Anchor bolt M10x100
  • Pop rivets

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