Sinusoidal sheets “Sana”

The wavy nature of the sinusoidal sheet gives the building an interesting and professional look

Sana is an imitation of salonite in the best way possible. It has all the essential characteristics; weather resistance, it’s made with first-class material, and gives an interesting look to the building, whether it is residential or commercial in nature.

By imitating salonite, you get all the advantages of sheet metal, such as resistance to weather conditions, without the disadvantages of salonite, which is prone to various inconveniences, such as the accumulation of moss.

Sana sheets can be used on the facade as well as on the roof.

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Facade solution

In addition to the roof, Sana is also used for the facade. Installation is fast and economical, with a significantly lower price than ready-made panels.

  • The wall consists of sheet metal “C” cassettes that are filled with mineral wool, and then covered with parapermeable foil. Then, on a grid of approx. 150 cm, sheet metal spacers are installed, which provide ventilation of the façade.
  • A final sinusoidal sheet is installed on the spacers. This type of wall is self-supporting on a grid of up to approx. 4.00 meters, it is perfectly thermally insulated with mineral wool of fuel class A1, air-ventilated, aesthetically appealing on both sides.
  • In case of possible damage during operation, it is easier to replace the damaged part of the facade.

Sana snow guards

Line snow guards are recommended for sheet metal Sana, where snow guards of 40 to 50 centimeters in length are mostly used.

snow guards sana
  • In areas with heavy snowfall, high-quality snow guards are essential to prevent damage caused by the fall of larger snow deposits from the roof.

  • Snow guards completely merge into the visual identity of the roof, unlike other types of snow guards, which significantly spoil the aesthetic appearance of the roof.
  • For these types of covers, we recommend only a line snow guard with a bar and special holders that connect to the cover without drilling the sheet metal.

Anti-condensation felt

The role of anti-condensation felt is to prevent condensation from dripping due to differences in temperature above and below the roofing profiles.

  • As an option, we offer tile-shaped sheet metal with anti-condensation felt that is applied to the underside of the sheet metal automatically during profiling.
  • Condensate is collected in the felt and evaporates naturally.
  • This way, cover foils are not necessary. In some cases, the anti-condensation felt is irreplaceable, for example when mounting sheet metal tiles without boarding the roof, and still want to avoid condensation issues.

Sana manufacturing

The production capacity is 120 sq. meter per hour, which ensures a 24-hour delivery in most cases. You can freely choose the lengths of every sheet if necessary.

  • Salonite imitation sheets Sana are made in regards to a highly efficient Swedish technology, on a modern, automated machine serviced by only one worker.
  • This method of production enables a high-quality product without the possibility of human error.
  • Sana sheets are made in standard widths, and the length of each tile, as well as the color, is chosen by the customer.

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