Sheet metal tiles “Una”

lim u obliku crijepa limometal

First class of tile roof imitation

Una sheet tile is a high-quality roofing cover resistant to high and low temperatures, strong winds, ice and noiseSheet metal tiles have other advantages as well: you get to choose and combine the colors of your roof, facade, and all the carpentry, which can be impossible with other roofing materials.

Other advantages include: durability, aesthetic appearance, light weight, quick installation, and durability in all weather conditions. This way you get a top quality roof that gives your home a beautiful and modern look.

The Una profile particularly shine when used on family homes, or any residential building for that matter. Concerning manufacturing, we make every sheet according to your specific needs, for example lengths and color. The prices stay the same and are calculated per sq. meter, which gives you the freedom to choose based on your needs and desires without worry.

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Una Ridge

The ridge is produced in a length of 2.00 m (useful length, including folding).

  • For sheet metal tiles, we use a dedicated semicircular profiled ridge, which is specially designed for this type of roofing.
  • Its characteristics meet all technical requirements and its appearance provides the roof with great aesthetics.
  • There are also replacement types of ridge that disrupt the appearance of the roof.

Una Snow Guards

“Bat” snow guards are made of galvanized painted sheet metal 1.00 mm thick.

metal snow guards
  • In areas where there’s a lot of snow fall, high-quality snow guards are essential as they are responsible for preventing any damage that would be caused by snow falling off of the roof.
  • For sheet metal tiles Una, we recommend using the so-called “Bat” snow guard, which we specifically designed for Una. As opposed to other, generic snow guards, the “Bat” profile is highly effective and does its job very well. It’s also made with aesthetics in mind, it will accompany the overall look and feel of the Una sheets itself.

Anti-condensation felt

The role of anti-condensation felt is to prevent condensation from dripping due to differences in temperature above and below the roofing profiles. This is an optional addon for your Una sheets.

  • As an option, we offer tile-shaped sheet metal with anti-condensation felt that is applied to the underside of the sheet metal automatically during profiling.
  • Condensate is collected in the felt and evaporates naturally.
  • This way, cover foils are not necessary. In some cases, the anti-condensation felt is irreplaceable, for example when mounting sheet metal tiles without boarding the roof, and still want to avoid condensation issues.

Una Manufacturing

The production capacity is 120 sq. meter per hour, which ensures delivery within 24 hours in most cases. You’re free to choose the length of each sheet yourself, or take our advice, whichever is easier for your needs.

  • Our Una sheet metal tiles are made in regards to a high-standard Swedish technology, on a modern, fully automated line serviced by only one worker.
  • This method of production enables a high-quality product without the possibility of human error.
  • Una sheets are made in standardized widths, while the lengths are made specifically for each customer.


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