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High-quality, modern solution for your roofing, facade, and ceiling needs

Falco self-aligning soffit sheets are characterized by a quick and easy installation, and the profile design gives each building, commercial or residential – a luxurious and modern look. Falco sheets are also characterized by versatility, as they can be used for your roof, facade, and the ceilings.

Falco sheet metal is also characterized by excellent waterproofing, cheap substructure, and the possibility of installation on very mild roofs.

Installation is very simple and DIY-ready.

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Falco cassette facade system

Sheet metal facades are characterized by an attractive appearance, longevity, and in the case of self-fitting sheet metal Falco, quick installation. It can be mounted as a single facade sheet metal or in a sandwich version with insulation.

Falco cassette facade system
  • We especially want to emphasize the system of cassette facades that are self-supporting at a distance of about 6 meters.
  • The characteristic of cassette sheets is that the outer facade sheet metal is joined to the inner sheet metal, ie without steel spacers, and between the two sheets there’s a layer of thermal insulation made out of stone wool or styrofoam.
  • The cassette is connected to steel or wooden profiles on rasters of a maximum of 6.00 meters, in such a way that only the inner sheets are connected to the structure, so that the outer sheet remains continuous.

Falco snow guards

We do not recommend the installation of line snow guards that are used for trapezoidal sheet metal covers, because in that case it is necessary to install the snow guard screws in the field of the self-fitting cover, and this is by no means recommended.

falco profile on roof
  • For self-assembling sheet metal, we recommend the installation of snow guards with pipes and pipe holders that are mounted on the board connection.
  • Same snow guards are also used for folded metal sheets. The function of snow guards is to protect people, material goods, and gutters from snow.
  • When installing these types of snow guards, the self-fitting cover does not break, and the good side is that the cover is additionally secured against possible disintegration.

Falco manufacturing

Falco sheets are made in unlimited lengths, according to your specifications. The cover width is 475 mm.

falco roofing
  • Falco soffit panels are produced on a fully automated production line serviced by only one worker.
  • This production process eliminates the possibility of human error, allows high production capacity and gives the product characteristics that can not be achieved by the classical method of production.
  • The fitting profiles are designed so that the screw remains hidden and folded by the next board.

Falco as a ceiling solution

Falco soffit sheets can also be easily dismantled and reassembled if necessary, without any damage.

falco tin roofing
  • In order to avoid the classic plastering and frequent painting of the ceiling, we offer the self-fitting Falco panels as an ideal solution.
  • The Falco soffit solution is characterized by a quick and easy installation, which is a much cheaper option than cladding with gypsum boards, e.g. “Rigips”.
  • Wooden slats and boards are mostly used for the substructure, at a distance of approximately 1.00 – 1.50 m.
  • Gypsum screws are used as the connecting material, same as we do with connecting roof and facade panels. However, this depends on type of substructure.

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