Rainwater drainage system

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Rainwater drainage system

We only use standardized and high-quality products with our rainwater drainage system.

Following the latest and best-practice business norms, we have ensured the optimal dimensioning of the rainwater system for roofing. All elements of the rainwater system are standardized and adequately protected against corrosion.

When choosing a system, special attention is given to the dimensioning of drainage elements, ie. proper selection of gutter and drain pipe dimensions. We use the DIN EN 12056-3 standard from 2001 in dimensioning of elements.

For smaller and medium roof areas, such as family houses, we recommend a system of semicircular gutters, while for larger roof areas, a system of square gutters or a combined system is necessary.

We produce a 333 mm semicircular gutter on a gutter extraction machine for an unlimited length, which enables a smaller number of joints, faster production and installation and better aesthetics, and thus greater safety of the drainage system.

The Ø 100 mm gutter pipe is produced on a machine for pulling out pipes in an unlimited length, which also has the advantages listed for gutters.

We produce gutter pipes Ø 80 mm, Ø 100 mm and Ø 120 mm and Ø 150 mm in lengths up to 6 meters. We produce square gutters and pipes on hydraulic benders and their length is a maximum of 10 meters per piece.

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  • Φ80mm
  • Φ100mm
  • Φ120mm
  • Φ150mm

333m colored and untreated

  • 333x25x5mm untreated and colored
  • 280x25x5mm untreated and colored
Square hook
  • 50x30x5mm untreated and colored
  • 333m untreated and colored
  • Φ80mm
  • Φ100mm
  • Φ120mm
  • Φ150mm
  • Φ120m, 72° untreated and colored
  • Φ100mm i Φ80mm, 72° untreated and colored
Gutter decoration

Gutter decoration (flower)

  • 280/80mm colored and untreated
  • 333/100mm colored and untreated

For trapezoidal sheet metal River (TR 40/200) painted with EPDM seal For tile in the form of tiles Una painted with EPDM seal

Screw cap

Sheet metal screw cap

  • Screw 4,8x35mm tin/wood colored
  • Screw 4,8x70mm tin/wood colored
  • Screw 5,5x67mm tin/metal galvanized
  • Screw 5.5x35mm tin/metal, galvanized
  • Screw 4.2x25mm and 4.2x16mm flat head galvanized
Rigips screws
  • Rigips screws
Screw – impact dowel
  • 6×40
  • 6×60
  • 6×80

Vapor-permeable foil 120g / m2


Profile waterproof filler for River and Una products.

Perforated sheet metal strip

Perforated sheet metal strip 10 cm wide galvanized and colored

  • Φ100mm i Φ80mm untreated
  • Φ120mm uncolored
  • Φ100mm i Φ80mm in color
  • Φ120mm in color

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