Metal car garage

montazna garaza za auto

Sheet metal car carage

It is known that a garaged vehicle retains its value and sells better and easier. This is just one of the reasons why investing in a car garage actually saves you money.

Because our priorities are quality and simplicity, we can offer a quick and efficient solution at great prices.


Metal garages are one of the most effective solutions to protect vehicles from theft, weather, freezing, which also saves your time and money. 

It is common knowledge that garaged vehicles sell better, faster and easier, their value is retained and the owner leaves the impression of caring for the vehicle.

This car garage can be installed within a few hours, the only requirement is concrete base prepared in advance. 


LxWxH: 6.00 x 3.00 x 2.00 (meter)

LxWxH: 20 x 10 x 6.5 (feet, approximately)

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Below freezing doesn’t have to mean 20 minutes of your time! 

frozen car wind shield
  • Winter and snow take up your time due to clearing snow and ice in the morning when you go to work.
  • When the outside temperature reaches the freezing level, you lose up to 20 minutes of defrosting time. A garaged vehicle is immediately usable!

  • There are also the additional costs: the purchase of defrosters, brushes, detergents, and the cost of damaging your wipers due to freezing, and other costs.

Garaged vehicles sell up to 3 times faster and easier. 

  • You already know that vehicle kept in a metal car garage leaves a much better impression on the owner.
  • This fact alone sometimes helps in selling the vehicle itself, and often serves as the main argument for a higher selling price compared to other sellers.
  • A vehicle stored in a garage sells up to 3 times easier and faster!

Your garage or the mechanic’s? The choice is yours.

tin car garage
  • A garaged vehicle has a longer period between breakdowns on average.
  • That fact alone reduces how much you’ve got to invest in vehicle maintenance.
  • There is also the extra time required for servicing – in which period you lose access to the vehicle.

Safe & sound roofing, now for your car as well

Sleep well knowing your car is now protected from theft, vandalism, and bad weather! Your car in a garage means stress-free mornings for you!

garaža za auto
  • Sleep peacefully knowing that your car is under its own roof, protected from vandalism, theft, and bad weather!

  • The car garage makes each yard tidier, and gives the impression of luxury and good organization.
  • The parking space is always in place and the vehicle is additionally protected.

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