Drywall profiles

profili za suhu gradnju

Wall and ceiling drywall profiles

Drywall profiles allow the manipulation of the interior of a room, such as reducing the height of the room, covering the ceiling cavities, and can also be used in the integration of air conditioning, space lighting, and ventilation.

Since we make both wall and ceiling drywall profiles, the combination of horizontal and vertical profiles enables the creation of a scratched wall, or so-called wall cladding.

In most cases, they are used to separate the space, to divide one space / room into two or more. Since the production and profiling of these profiles is under our control, we can ensure the use of highest quality material only. 

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Drywall profiles for side wall

Drywall profile types (sides):

  1. CW50 
  2. CW75 
  3. CW100 
  4. UW50 
  5. UW75 
  6. UW100 

Ceiling profiles

Drywall profile types (ceiling):

  1. UD30 
  2. CD60 

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