FAQ Frequently asked questions

What are your working hours?

Our working hours, address, and contact details can be found on our Contact page.

Do you offer delivery services?

We offer standard delivery services across Bosnia, please send an inquiry for international delivery.

Do you offer tax returns?

Part of our customer base comes from countries such as Croatia, in which case we’re happy to help with tax return advantages. The tax return form, as well as the returning funds, are available in our headquarters office in Cazin.

Do you go out on the field of measurements?

Yes, locally, and there are costs associated.

Local measurement-taking (city of Cazin) is free.

What’s the material origin of your products, and do you offer warranties?

One of the world’s largest steel producers, Luxembourg-based Arcelor-Mittal, is a valuable partner and supplier of LIMOMETAL LLC.

All sheet metal products satisfy EU quality standards and have the appropriate certificates. All first-class products have a manufacturer’s warranty which is forwarded to the buyer, according to the conditions from the manufacturer’s warranty certificate. The standard warranty covers corrosion issues for up to 10 years.

Besides first-class material, we also offer second-class material that carry no warranties, but are much more affordable, sometimes featuring up 50% lower prices.

What kind of products and services do you offer?

We offer profiled metal sheets for roofing and facade work, construction metal materials, and accessories. We also offer a completed water drainage system, two types of garages, and dry construction profiles.

We’re also offering the so-called “sandwich” system for both roofing and facade work. These come with built-in thermal insulation and an optional addition of anticondensation material. Our clients include both large and small projects, hotels, shopping malls, construction and manufacturing facilities, as well as family homes and apartment buildings.

In our retail store in Cazin, we offer screws, hand tools, protection equipment and other similar construction products.

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What advantages does metal roofing provide, in regards to other materials?

Some of the main advantages of sheet metal roofing are:

  • Durability of material vs. strong windy weather, ice fallouts, and other unfortunate weather events, such as earthquakes.
  • Sheet metal is significantly lighter than brick tiles – up to 10 times in fact, which lowers transportation costs and speeds up installation
  • Metal sheet roofing requires a cheaper and simpler construction. Anticondensation material is much more easily applied, than it is the case with some other roofing materials.
  • Colors used in sheet metal roofing tend to last longer.
  • One of the main reasons for sheet metal roofing vs. other roofing materials is its aesthetics. Sheet metal roof provides a nice, clean, simplistic, and modern feel to any home or business building.
  • Sheet metal roofs can withstand significantly lower roof slopes, so the minimum slope for sheet metal in the form of tiles “UNA” is 10 degrees
  • Sheet metal roofing is typically consisted of one piece when on your roof. From the tip of your roof, to the gutters, it’s all in once piece (as opposed to brick roofs) and as such, it offers better protection against rain and snow drafting when it’s particularly windy.

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