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LIMOMETAL d.o.o. – Roof and Facade Sheet Metal Tiles

Limometal d.o.o. is a private company based in Cazin, BiH that evolved from a family tin workshop “Limarija Mulalić”, that has been actively in business since 1977. Our work involves the production, installation, and sale of profiled metal sheets for roof insulation, facades, canopies, and dry construction. We develop our own products and solutions, such as car garages and other prefabricated storage units.

limometal prozivodnja profilisani lim

A well-organized office space, highly automated production line, modern machinery and vehicle fleet, combined with years of experience and expertise, enable our employees to perform all tasks professionally and quickly, significantly impacting the quality of products and services. We operate according to the international quality system ISO 9001.


To offer the best solution for their roofs and facades to small and large customers, considering their economic and social situation. Transparency in the way we work, quality of service and products, directness in communication, long-term cooperation, and mutual benefit. Building and preserving these relationships with customers, partners, and the local and international community.


Our goal is to position ourselves as a leader in the domestic market and to continue building relationships across the EU and the world. We focus on developing new products and expanding our range of sheet metal products in all related sectors for better market needs adaptation and customer possibilities. We are constantly improving the quality of our service, work methods, offers, and communication with all customers, partners, and communities.

By continually proving ourselves, we reaffirm our standing, and it’s on your trust that we build our long-standing tradition, which we are very proud of.

– Mensur Mulalić, founder and CEO.

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