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Limometal LLC – Experience and tradition

Limometal is a private company with roots going as far back as 1977, where it originated as a small metalworks family shop. 

With a modern office space and manufacturing facilities, Limometal is capable of high capacities and fine qualities. We do business in accordance to the international quality system ISO 9001.

We’re proud of the tradition we’ve been able to build with our market. We strive to keep proving our worth by constantly delivering exceptional customer service and fine quality. 


We aim to deliver the best possible solutions to our market, in regards to their roofing and facade needs, and in regards to the target market’s social and economical situation. We strive to remain transparent in our operations, steady in delivery of fine quality and products, to remain direct in communication, and ensure long-term cooperation with our clients.

We aim to build and safekeep these kinds of relationships with our buyers, partners, and the local and international community.


We strive to position ourselves as the leader in our home market, and continue building relationships across the EU and the world. The ensure the continual innovation of products, keep expanding our list of products in all sectors, all in an effort to adjust towards and serve the market as best as possible.

We strive to continually keep improving quality of service, work efficiency, offer, and communication with all buyers, partners, and communities.

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